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Mississippi Youth Symphony Orchestra
It’s more than an orchestra, it’s an experience!

The Mississippi Youth Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1948, is the premier training ground for the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, providing the youth of Mississippi with an authentic orchestral experience under the guidance of professional musicians.

MYSO specializes in strings education, offering beginner, elementary and more advanced classes based on the level of students enrolled in the program.  Each week, string students spend time in general rehearsal, are then divided into instrument sectionals in order to receive more individual training on their particular instrument, and finally spend time learning musical theory (the nuts and bolts of musical training).

Pursuing a full orchestra experience…

In addition to the Strings Program, MYSO offers Woodwind and Brass High School Ensembles (as of 2024) to engage a full youth orchestra.  MYSO meets students where they are in their musical journey and help them to achieve their personal goals as musicians.

How can MYSO help young musicians?

  • Fosters creativity, discipline and cognitive development among young individuals.
  • Empowers youth with powerful life skills that extend beyond the musical realm.
  • Promotes inclusivity by offering access to all students from diverse backgrounds many times overcoming economic barriers for young people.
  • Celebrates diversity by showcasing a wide range of musical genres and traditions, helping to bridge cultural gaps and foster an appreciate for global muscle heritage among participants.
  • Provides platforms for these talented young musicians to showcase their skill and instill a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  • Foster friendships and promote social cohesions.

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