March Concerts Socially Distanced

March Concerts Socially Distanced

Just the ticket for March!

Warm notes to answer winter’s chill — that’s what the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra delivers in three March concerts, getting ready for spring with fresh vigor and vibrant music.

The socially-distanced live concerts at Thalia Mara Hall continue to celebrate the arts in a spirited yet safe way, with controlled access, limited seating and mask requirements in place.

Again, Maestro Crafton Beck taps the silver lining in this pandemic cloud to bring us projects he’s dreamed of for years. With the season’s spotlight largely on music for string orchestra (another pandemic precaution), this is the prime time to showcase works that truly make strings sing.

Single tickets for all three concerts below are $20 each at!

Bravo III Concert:

Aural Scenes. Bold Artistry. String Orchestra.

Saturday, March 6, 2021
(paid subscribers for our Bravo series may reserve seats until Mar 4)

Close your eyes and experience Mendelssohn’s uncanny ability to capture images in music, even as a teen. His colorful and engaging String Symphony No. 7 just feels like home. Plus, marvel at the genius of Beethoven’s daring String Quartet No. 11, deftly arranged by Gustav Mahler for full string orchestra. It sparks a glow that shouts with the identical surprise and remarkable technique we cherish. Tickets available here >

Pops II Concert:

Emerging classics in piano & strings

Saturday, March 13, 2021
(paid subscribers for our Pops series may reserve seats until Mar 11)

Two international sensations of the contemporary music scene explore the frontiers of classical music to deliver heart-achingly beautiful and immersive scores for film, television and stage. Relax in the works of Max Richter and Alexis Ffrench, as well as other contemporary greats, at this easy-listening concert featuring a lovely paring of keyboardist and violinist Tyler and Shellie Kemp. Tickets available here >

Chamber II Concert:

Soul warming, all-Mozart evening

Saturday, March 27, 2021
(paid subscribers for our Chamber series may reserve seats until Mar 25)

The candlelit surroundings for the master’s music brings an intimate, authentic aura to MSO’s 20-year tradition, yet in a different setting this time. Beginning with a serenade for two small orchestras, then on to one of his fun musical parodies, this year’s concert is anchored by Mozart’s most famous and instantly recognizable “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”. Tickets available here >

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